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A Selection of Better Nail Polishes


Updated for 2020!

When most of us think of painting our nails, we picture the perfect color being shiny, glossy, even, and not fading or chipping for weeks. But, in order for nail polish to have all of those magical qualities, they must contain some very special chemicals. While we love a perfect mani-pedi, we know that some of the chemicals are not the best for our health. So, we rounded up a variety of safer nail polishes for you to check out.

You may be familiar with "three-free" polishes, which means the product doesn't contain toluene, formaldehyde, or dibutyl phthalate (DBP). But we wanted even better polish, which is why these products are all between five- and ten-free! But just remember, that these options still contain some basic chemicals common to typical nail polish, so be thoughtful about how often you apply.

We're also included some water based nail polishes. These are typically not designed to last for weeks, but rather a day or two. Water-based nail polishes are great if you are just looking to have polish for a special event or to use during great girls' night in without caring exactly how long they'll look pristine. Plus, some water-based polishes are kid friendly!

What are you waiting for? Pull out the cucumber water and bathrobe and get your salon on.

Better Nail Polishes

a) Aila b) Butter London c) Côte d) Ella and Mila e) Smith & Cult f) Tenoverten g) Zoya

Water-Based Nail Polishes

h) Acquarella i) Piggy Paint j) SOPHi

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One of the biggest issues with these products is the mystery behind what goes into them. Believe it or not, It's actually hard to be 100% certain about what chemicals are in air fresheners. There's a ton of secrecy into what actually goes into a fragrance product because companies can claim their ingredients are trade secrets. We definitely can't say a product is safe if we don't even know what is used to make it.

However, we do know that most air fresheners are made up of a ton of synthetic fragrances. There are literally thousands of chemicals manufacturers can choose from when making a product with synthetic fragrance. And a lot of these chemicals are known to have negative impacts on our health. (1)

On top of that, fragrance in air fresheners usually contain both phthalates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (2). Although these chemicals can make scents powerful, they can also be allergens that cause coughing, headaches, and runny noses (2). Phthalates are also hormone disruptors and VOCs can be carcinogens. We definitely don't want to be constantly breathing in those chemicals, no matter how good they might smell!

The amount of space inside your car is also a reason we don't like traditional car air fresheners. A smaller space = more concentrated exposure, and since you probably have your windows closed 90% of the time, a car is one of the worst places to keep a strongly-scented product.

Luckily, there are easy, nontoxic ways to make your car smell fresh! You can keep a container filled with baking soda or a baking soda freezer pack hidden somewhere. Baking soda is a completely natural way to eliminate odors and a box is only a couple of dollars! Using scents from natural sources are also a great way to add a little freshness to your car. You can put a few drops of an essential oil onto a clothespin or another wooden item and leave it somewhere in your car (3). When the smell goes away, just replenish with a few more drops of oil! If you prefer something a little more contained, we also love putting satchels of lavender or rose petals around our car.

But perhaps the easiest way to get rid of a bad smell is to simply roll your windows down! Maybe rolling down the windows will help make your commute a little more relaxing too.



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