Does Lysol Have Ammonia? – Myth Debunked

Lyscol Cleaner

There’s a common misconception regarding the ingredients of Lysol products, particularly about the presence of ammonia. Lysol, known for its effectiveness as a disinfectant, has been present in households and public spaces for its germ-killing capabilities. This article aims to clarify whether Lysol contains ammonia, the importance of label reading, and the risks of mixing … Read more

Does Chlorine Kill Lice? Should We Avoid Swimming After Lice Treatment?

Does Chlorine Kill Lice

Chlorine does not kill head lice, a fact that surprises many. If you or your child has undergone lice treatment, you might wonder about the safety of swimming. Here, we explore the effects of chlorine on lice and the advisability of pool visits post-treatment. Chlorine’s Effect on Lice Chlorine, a chemical used to sanitize pool … Read more