Wondering what all the fuss with polyvinyl chloride is all about?

Look no further, here's the scoop

Real talk— polyvinyl chloride (or PVC for short), seems to be in practically everything, doesn't it? If you walk down a random aisle in a store, you can find this material in upholstery, shower curtains, toys and even school supplies. You might be thinking, if it's in so many things (including items for children), it should be safe right? In reality, the answer is no. BUT, don't fret, since there are simple, yet effective ways to avoid PVC in your everyday life.

Can you break down what PVC is for me?

While polyvinyl chloride sounds like a mishmash of scary chemicals, it is, to simply put it, a type of hard plastic that is made from vinyl chloride (1). Here's where PVC can get confusing. An item made from 100 percent PVC is not inherently harmful to humans, but it is also very hard and brittle, so it's not a particularly useful material to anyone (2). But if you add in chemicals like phthalates and bisphenol-A (BPA), which DO have negative health effects (such as messing up how your hormones should normally work), you get a flexible plastic that industry loves to use to manufacture a variety of items (1). This is the kind of PVC that is used in basically all products on the market, which means unfortunately, all PVC products are harmful (cue frowny face).

Another thing to consider is the life-cycle of PVC. The manufacturing process, as well as the burning or landfilling of PVC (at the end of its life), releases a chemical group called dioxins (3). Dioxins are a chemical group with a BIG impact. Exposure to dioxins can cause reproductive and fertility problems, liver damage, and even developmental problems in children.

How can I be exposed to PVC?

Like many other chemicals, there are three primary ways you can be exposed to PVC.

  1. Ingestion: this can occur when you swallow food or water contaminated with PVCs
  2. Inhalation: this primarily occurs to folks working in the PVC industry when they breathe emissions from the manufacturing or burning of PVC
  3. Skin contact: this can occur if you touch products made with PVC

How can I avoid PVC?

I know that it sounds scary that PVC is in so many products and that there are several ways for it to enter your body, but there are ways to avoid PVC in products! Here are excellent suggestions from the National Institute of Health (1).

  • Avoid PVC products such as plastic bottles, toys, or school supplies that may contain PVC. An alternative idea is to use stainless steel or glass bottles, and purchase toys that are not plastic.
  • Don't let children play in dirt near waste sites or factories. Watching where your children play has a variety of other health benefits too!
  • Choose glass containers over plastic containers that may contain PVC materials. Here is a roundup of safe alternative containers.
  • Avoid eating food stored or microwaved in PVC plastic wrap. Here's an easy tip to make your microwave meals healthier!
  • Choose safer PVC-free consumer items (for instance, swapping out your shower curtain!).
  • Keep indoor rooms well ventilated. If you're thinking of buying an air purifier, check out all the deets here.
  • When remodeling older homes, use proper ventilation and protective equipment to minimize exposure to PVC-containing materials.



    Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaners

    products you can buy to make your bathroom squeaky clean without dangerous fumes

    Nobody likes doing it, but it's got to be done! Cleaning the bathroom doesn't have to be gross or involve lots of chemicals with dangerous fumes that leave your eyes teary and your head hurting. You can use an all purpose cleaner on most surfaces in the bathroom, but sometimes you need a little extra oomph to get rid of hard water stains and mold or mildew. Every now and then we also find ourselves needing to clear the drains too! We checked out all the lists and figured out which bathroom cleaning products are the safest and effective.

    In addition to these products, we also love using a simple non-toxic all purpose cleaner and have lots of DIY cleaner recipes for getting your bathroom squeaky clean.

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    Healthy eating should be about more than just healthy ingredients! While there are many different specific diets, most definitions of healthy eating involve choosing fresh, nutrient-dense whole foods that provide maximal nutritional benefits. Refined grains, sugar, vegetable oils, and other unhealthy ingredients are left off the plate. But if healthy ingredients become contaminated with harmful chemicals, are they really healthy? It is time for healthy eating to incorporate more than just ingredients. Healthy eating should also include how the food is packaged and what materials the food comes into contact with while it is being processed, cooked, and stored.
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    Get your dishes clean without worrying about the chemicals in your dish soap. We rounded up the top 6 dish soaps without toxic chemicals or preservatives that are well-reviewed and easily available. You're welcome! We've had some questions about whether parents need a separate soap specifically for bottles and dishes. With these 6 picks, you can be rest assured that they will work well on your dinner plates but are also safe enough for baby bottles and toddler dishes. Also, for all the dishes you choose not to hand wash, take a peek at our dishwasher detergent roundup.

    a) Attitude Dishwashing Liquid

    b) Aunt Fannie's Microcosmic Probiotic Power Dish Soap

    c) Better Life Dish Soap

    d) ECOS Dishmate Dish Liquid

    e) Common Good dish soap

    f) Cleancult liquid dish soap

    g) Trader Joe's Dish Soap Lavender Tea Tree

    We rely on EWG's consumer databases, the Think Dirty App, and GoodGuide in addition to consumer reviews and widespread availability of products to generate these recommendations. Learn more on our methodology page.

    *Because Health is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program so that when you click through our Amazon links, a percentage of the proceeds from your purchases will go to Because Health. We encourage you to shop locally, but if you do buy online buying through our links will help us continue the critical environmental health education work we do. Our participation does not influence our product recommendations. To read more about how we recommend products, go to our methodology page.


    Eco-Friendly and Reusable Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Spread holiday cheer without creating waste!

    Since this is a safe space we can admit that one of the best parts about the holidays is the presents, right? But the amount of wrapping paper we go through every year is just insane... and most of it isn't even recyclable! Unless "recyclable" is specifically mentioned on the label, you'll have to throw used wrapping paper into the trash. And sometimes, we could do without that mountain of used wrapping paper after presents have been opened, even if it is the recyclable kind.
    That's why we wanted to find the best wrapping options that could actually be recycled or reused year to year! Check out these great alternatives to tranditonal wrapping paper!

    a) 2 Pieces Christmas Canvas Tote Bags Buffalo Plaid Check Shopping Bags

    b) joywrap

    c) Hallmark Recyclable Kraft Wrapping Paper

    d) Eco-Friendly Reversible Wrapping Paper

    e) Hallmark Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap

    f) Hallmark Black and Red Drawstring Gift Bag Set

    g) Furoshiki Reusable Gift Wrapping Cloth

    h) Organic Cotton Reusable Gift Wrap (Set of 3)

    i) Brown Kraft Paper Jumbo Roll

    Looking for non-toxic, sustainable, and fun gifts for your home chef? We created a gift guide this year for those people on your list who love cooking and hosting. Whether it's elaborate dinner parties or weeknight meals, these gifts are sure to bring some joys in the new year. We looked for gifts that avoided waste (like a stovetop popcorn maker), or that avoided harmful chemicals (like a cast iron skillet), or that could bring a little fun into the kitchen (like these fabulous cloth napkins).

    This year, we have highlighted many products by many Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) owned/founded brands. Buying from these brands is a great way to support economic opportunities in BIPOC communities and celebrates diversity in the sustainability space. Additionally, since climate change is an urgent issue with so many health impacts, we are also highlighting brands that are Climate Neutral certified. That means that the brand has committed to measure, offset, and reduce the carbon they emit. We believe that consumers and companies must work together to embrace and make true commitments to diversity and sustainability. Look no further for the ultimate gift guide!

    $: Under $50

    Handheld milk frother

    This stainless steel milk frother is the perfect way to warm up your milk (or milk alternative) without having to sacrifice counter space! Whether you're drinking coffee or matcha, this it the perfect tool to take things up a notch.

    Vegetable Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan Recipes (BIPOC brand)

    Want to eat less meat, but don't know how to make vegetable dishes stand out? Step up your cooking game with delicious recipes from this unique cookbook from Bryant Terry. Bryant is renowned for his activism and efforts to create a healthy, equitable, and sustainable food system, so this cookbook is right up our alley.

    Mother Grains: Recipes for the Grain Revolution (BIPOC brand)

    Looking to up your whole grain intake? Expand your baking skills with Mother Grains: Recipes for the Grain Revolution. You'll be amazed how a simple cookie can change texture and flavor based on the flours you use. Learn about the world of ancient grains like buckwheat, sorghum, rye, barley, and heirloom wheat and bake some delicious treats.

    GreenLife Bakeware Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Muffin Pan

    This ceramic baking pan by GreenLife is non-stick without harmful chemicals and comes in a bunch of cute colors. Weekend muffins are calling you!

    Great Northern Popcorn Original Stainless Steel Stove Top Popcorn Popper

    Microwave popcorn is expensive and the bags are coated in Teflon like chemicals, but it's so convenient. Enter this amazing popcorn maker. You'll never look at microwaved popcorn the same way after you use this Great Northern stovetop popcorn popper! It's stainless steel body perfectly cooks kernels to tasty perfection.

    Heath Ceramics large coffee mug

    Elevate your morning coffee with this beautifully crafted mug from Heath Ceramics. It comes in many lead-free glazes and is as sturdy as it is beautiful.

    $ $: Between $50-100

    Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker

    Sunday brunch just got so much better with this waffle maker by Hamilton Beach. Most waffle makers use a Teflon-like coating in their waffle makers, but this waffle maker uses a ceramic non-stick. It's really easy to use and the ceramic grids pop out for easy cleaning.

    Diaspora Co. Single-Origin Spices (BIPOC brand)

    Spices can make or break a dish, which is why we love upgrading our spice drawer with this set of single origin spices from Diaspora. We love that they pay a living wage to partner farmers and their partner model allows them to provide quality control that results in fresher, more delicious spices. That also means that they can also better control potential contamination and test for lead contamination. They are also working on organic certification for their partner farms.

    Emile Henry Deep Food Storage Bowl

    Who says food storage has to be boring? Beauty meets function with this deep food storage bowl by Emile Henry. The cork top serves as a fruit bowl, while the lower level with vents and darkness acts as a mini pantry to store root vegetables and onions.

    Siafu Home Congolese Napkins

    The scalloped edge and fun pattern of these napkins make them a great hostess gift! These are screen printed by hand in Kenya and are a great way to add some color to your table.

    $ $ $: Over $100

    Graf Lantz Felt Placemats

    These sturdy place mats will protect your table from the messiest of eaters! The merino wool material is naturally water and odor resistant, and also offers amazing thermal protection.

    Olivewood Serving Board

    These hand-carved cheese boards are made from a single piece of olivewood, which means no glues or adhesives are added to the wood. They are the perfect backdrop to your next charcuterie board.

    East Fork Serving Bowl (Climate Neutral certified)

    This handmade pottery serving bowl from East Fork is perfect for all your serving need- whether it's for movie night popcorn or a salad at a dinner party for 10!

    Brightland Olive Oil Duo (BIPOC brand)

    There's a reason you've seen Brightland all over social, it's high quality olive oil and beautiful bottle make it a star! The Duo set is the perfect way to try two of their most popular flavors! The olives come from a family-run California farm that does not use pesticides and is committed to organic practices.

    Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet

    Le Creuset is known for it's quality and beautiful color choices and this enameled cast iron skillet is no exception! This pan will last you a lifetime and is naturally non-stick enough for scrambles and fried eggs. No Teflon chemicals needed.

    Fellow coffee Pour Over Coffee and Electric Kettle

    This Fellow electric kettle and pour over set are perfect companions for your coffee! These products don't contain any plastic and will make you feel like a certified barista.


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